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XCMG: taking advantage of the two wings of informatization to leap to the top of innovation

Beijing Benz company, which makes cars, and Qingdao red collar group, which makes clothes, have become customers of XCMG group, which makes construction machinery. This seems to be a cross-border and irrelevant thing in the industry, which has become a reality in XCMG information company. As a high-tech enterprise with a high starting point, new thinking and full of vitality, they adhere to the core culture of "entrepreneurship, innovation and creating the future", and are committed to providing intelligent overall solutions for various industries, such as intelligent manufacturing, IOT, consulting and implementation. They are becoming a rising new it force and providing XCMG with inexhaustible innovation momentum

the establishment of XCMG information company is a major strategic deployment of XCMG chairman Wang min. as early as December 2013, when the chairman Wang Min was on a business trip in Beijing, he told Zhang Qiliang, who was then the CIO of the group, to study hard and establish a professional information company. This decision was inspired by Wang Min when he reported to minister Miao of the Ministry of industry and information technology. At that time, policies such as mixed ownership reform and made in China 2025 had not been introduced. It was the keen vision of chairman Wang Min that made the wise move at that time and made XCMG information company today

mixed reform "experimental field" gathers entrepreneurial talents. "Can people who work in construction machinery be informatization?" When the question was thrown to jiangliping, director of the general management department of XCMG information company, her answer was firm and powerful: "yes!"

in fact, in XCMG group, which has more than 20000 employees, information companies can only be regarded as "small". Their staff, just over 100 people; The company was established only for more than a year. Such a "small" company has become the "experimental field" of XCMG's mixed ownership reform. XCMG accounted for 60% of the shares, and the rest were held by the company's employees, which fully mobilized everyone's passion and creativity, forming a 1+1 2 effect

last year, they created great value, with an annual income of 65million yuan and a profit of more than 10 million yuan. Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, praised: "the information company is full of talents, and its development and technological progress are very fast." Wang Min said that the rigid system has no vitality, and enterprises should conform to the growth law. Everyone is very enthusiastic about XCMG's mixed ownership reform

in mid March, Li Tan, who just jumped from a company in Wuxi, became the general manager of the marketing center of the information company. "I feel energetic. Because I have found interesting places and interesting people, I look forward to everyone doing something interesting together." In Li Tan's eyes, salary is no longer the main factor attracting him, but more importantly, he can practice his inner desire with feelings. He believed that all of us, with one heart and one virtue, would fully expose their self-interest, solidarity and peers

"we should not become a depression of IT talents, but a highland." Said zhangqiliang, general manager of XCMG information company. As a high-tech enterprise, they have a professional team with exquisite business, excellent technology and excellent practical ability. At present, all employees have bachelor's degree or above, of which doctoral students and master's students account for 36%. The company has obtained 85 software copyrights, and has fully formed independent intellectual property rights

nowadays, XCMG information company has a number of titles and honors, which are evidence of their rapid development. They are the first batch of national standardization implementation consulting service institutions for the integration of industrialization and industrialization management system, member units of China industrialization and industrialization integration consulting service alliance, member units of China industry 4.0 spark group, and 10 key e-commerce enterprises in Jiangsu Province. At the same time, the company is also the developer of national standards such as the national integration management system standard and Jiangsu intelligent workshop identification standard. It has been rated as the "best solution service provider" by the China Information Technology Association, awarded the title of "annual excellent demonstration solution for intelligent manufacturing" by the national intelligent manufacturing development alliance, and has become the only organization in China that has successfully won the "2015 excellent management consulting service agency for the integration management system of industrialization and industrialization" Enterprises with two awards of "2015 excellent solution of industrialization and industrialization integration management system"

provide "the strongest brain" for "smart" manufacturing in China.

XCMG loader factory, which covers an area of 600 mu, is an "intelligent manufacturing base". At the beginning of the construction of the base, they were located in the industry model factory, and formulated intelligent plans from the aspects of production control, material distribution, quality inspection and so on. Originally, 1500 people can only produce 17000 products a year. In smart factories, the same staff can produce 46000 products a year. Not only the production capacity has been improved, but also the application of a large number of intelligent equipment, especially welding robots and painting robots, has greatly improved the product quality and remained stable for a long time

in the strategic plan of "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing is the core project and the cornerstone of realizing the goal of building a manufacturing power. Taking advantage of the situation and responding to it, XCMG information company, relying on the best practice of XCMG group, actively carries out intelligent manufacturing business, creates an overall solution for intelligent manufacturing, takes MES system as the core, IOT intelligent terminal as the bridge, and robot intelligent operation as the means to help enterprises realize intelligent management, intelligent execution, intelligent control, intelligent production, intelligent logistics, and provide customized products, flexible production Lean management and control to create value for customers in an all-round way

a production manager once commented on the MES system implemented by XCMG information: "We used to rush around the office and workshop all day to schedule various abnormal situations and understand the production status. Now as long as we sit in the office and turn on the computer, we can know the completion of the plan and the material inventory through this system, and we can give instructions to the operators through the system in time. We never thought that production could be so intelligent."

if technological innovation opens a new chapter in intelligent manufacturing, then service innovation will make XCMG information company a consulting leader in the "integration of industrialization and industrialization", such as collision

in the implementation of enterprise management information system consulting, the company has achieved a perfect transformation from Party A to Party B, from a beacon customer of sap to a global strategic partner of SAP. On October 30 last year, at the signing ceremony of the Sino German economic and trade cooperation project, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Li Qiang, global vice president and general manager of Greater China of SAP company in Germany, marking the cooperation between the two sides moving towards the industrial 4.0 era. At the partner communication meeting of Microsoft Dynamics in the first quarter of fiscal year 2016, XCMG information company's business was a blockbuster, and its initial trial was ranked among the top three in the sales list, which made partners look sideways

XCMG Information Co., Ltd. in the implementation business of the integration of industrialization and industrialization consulting, based on the key propositions and core demands of enterprise management, jointly promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization construction with customers, and help enterprises establish a "four in one" business management model, that is, guide enterprises to establish an integrated management system, from obtaining strategic thinking in the Internet era, promoting enterprise organizational change, realizing enterprise resource reconstruction Implement the four dimensions of enterprise innovation management, reshape the core competitiveness of enterprises, realize transformation and upgrading, and improve business efficiency

through the rapid development of the standard implementation business of the integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization, XCMG information company has become a bridge for cross-border cooperation in different industries. At present, the company's customers come from raw materials, clothing, chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, automobile, medicine, aviation, military equipment and many other industries, and are spread throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi, Hubei and other eight provinces and cities, with a 100% pass rate! Zheng Feng, CIO of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck, commented, "XCMG information's consulting team is a team that can endure hardships and fight. Facing the difficult requirements of multi system integration we put forward, the team members guided the project team to complete the task in a short time, and their professionalism is impressive."

"The era of the fourth industrial revolution has quietly arrived. With a strong sense of mission and sense, we will continue to create value for customers with the mission of promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and creating new China's intelligent manufacturing advantages, and continue to serve customer groups with open, inclusive and innovative business concepts. We look forward to deepening cooperation with more entrepreneurs, experts and scholars in the future to jointly promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization in China Enterprises take root. " Zhang Qiliang said

usher in a new future in the information age, "Internet + engineering machinery" has entered people's vision as a "flash man". In the future, who has the ability to make and move on demand will eventually seize the market. As a provider of intelligent overall solutions, XCMG information company is committed to exploring new ideas and tricks of "interconnection + engineering machinery". Wang dengwen introduced in detail the development status of aviation materials and the new value of the current development of aluminum lithium alloy materials for aviation, helping the engineering machinery industry to succeed in reshaping the industrial pattern

on October 10 last year, through the efforts of the R & D team for six months, a XCMG road "road home" e-commerce platform built entirely by XCMG information company was successfully launched. At present, there are more than 4000 registered people, and it has become a construction machinery e-commerce ecosystem covering suppliers, OEMs, dealers and end customers. Shaoshilong, director of the software development department of XCMG information company, said that in the process of transforming and upgrading the equipment manufacturing industry and testing the e-commerce platform, they adhere to the construction mode of independent research and development and operation. "At the beginning of the plan, we made a high positioning, not only to support B2C, C2C and other business marketing models, and connect with the core business system of the enterprise, but also to become a comprehensive application platform for e-commerce + solutions."

at present, this platform has built three core functions: new machine sales o2o, second-hand and lease matching transactions, and spare parts sales B2C. Through connecting sap, DMS, and CRM, the platform realizes that the caprolactam production plant whose main data of products and spare parts is located in Antwerp is an important member of the company's engineering materials business block. Precise management, dealer inventory management, customer management, order management, and financial management

similarly, XCMG information company also carries out innovative design, testing and promotion for the productization of IOT technology and application, and fully supports the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry. Guohui, the director of IOT Development Department of the company, introduced that an information terminal product developed by them has the functions of real-time positioning, trajectory tracking, status monitoring, remote control, abnormal early warning, fault alarm, wireless OBD interface, working condition acquisition, remote upgrade and so on, and can be applied to engineering machinery, environmental sanitation equipment, elevator equipment, airport equipment and other fields. At the same time, with the functional support of IOT software platform, it can effectively monitor all equipment distributed worldwide, obtain the location, time, status, early warning, failure and other information of monitoring targets, provide tools for the integration and management of global inventory resources and service resources, realize the interconnection between equipment and equipment, equipment and people, and people to people, and realize the "zero distance" of global services

under the guidance of industrial policies such as the integration of national industrialization and industrialization, interconnection +, made in China 2025, and on the way of XCMG group's "Everest Summit", XCMG information company will firmly grasp the opportunity in the crisis, take "leading the future of China's IOT technology development" as its own responsibility, and deeply practice IOT technology

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