The hottest XCMG LNG loader technology is king. We

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XCMG LNG loader technology is king: we are only pioneers

XCMG LNG loader technology is king: we are only pioneers

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the development of the era always requires a few skeptics. They doubt the tradition and say no to "dogmatism". They have made great efforts and perseverance, which is related to the quality of "made in China", so they have changed the face of the times. As for XCMG loaders, they never want to be silent. They are pioneers in unknown fields. They only study loaders all their life

science and technology are the king and expand the territory

Science and technology is the primary productive force and the core driving force of enterprise development. XCMG loader's pioneering journey relies on science and technology, and the book is the process of loader history

in China's loader industry before 2010, taking diesel as fuel was regarded as the only choice for the industry. However, with the increasing tension of unified energy, soaring oil prices and worsening environment, people began to question this traditional "only option", and fuel energy conservation and emission reduction was put on the agenda

lng has become the research object of XCMG because of its unique energy conservation, environmental protection and safety. In 2009, a working team of 20 or 30 people was formed jointly with engine manufacturers, cylinder manufacturers and users, and officially entered the LNG technology field. At that time, there was no experience to follow in the application of LNG in loaders, so the development of LNG loaders was particularly difficult. After repeated deliberation and certification, XCMG LNG loader overcame various technical obstacles such as LNG filling, and withstood various forms of tests such as fire, vibration and fall, making a substantial breakthrough. In 2010, XCMG lw500k-lng loader was born, which shocked the world. Then, XCMG successively launched 6-ton and 8-ton LNG loaders to realize batch sales

XCMG LNG loader batch sales

in 2012, XCMG LNG loader won the title of "2012 most influential product" in the construction machinery industry with its leading technology and perfect quality, and won the Top50 "product of the year" award in China's construction machinery industry in 2013

XCMG LNG loaders ended the history that loaders can only use high-cost diesel as fuel from statistics, and opened the "gas" era of loaders. XCMG finally came to a conclusion in the unprecedented pioneering movement of LNG loader development

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