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Detu saveris wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system first appeared in the international freight industry

recently, DKSH Hong Kong, a global multinational service group, selected detu saveris wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system as its warehouse temperature and humidity supervisor. At almost the same time, another well-known international freight company, T Hong Kong company, also deployed the detu saveris system in the warehouse and cold storage room

in the international freight industry, data measurement, data collection and limit alarm in warehouses and refrigerators are becoming more and more important. There are many reasons behind it, such as the increasing requirements of relevant laws and regulations, higher quality requirements in products and storage, and the savings in human and financial resources brought about by higher automation levels. In order to carry out effective monitoring, it is usually necessary to use a variety of instruments to monitor temperature and humidity. DKSH Hong Kong company provides integrated services such as procurement, marketing, logistics and distribution in the isothermal humidity sensitive fields of Western medicine, health products, consumer goods, machinery and animal health products. As its rear warehouse, the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are naturally controlled strictly

warehouses in the freight industry are generally very large, even multi-storey. At the same time, a large number of storage will also affect the instrument's detection of temperature and humidity. For example, the warehouse of T Hong Kong company has a total of three storeys. How to use an instrument to monitor the temperature and humidity of the three storeys gradually during the Spring Festival is a big problem for them. In the case of few measurement points, separate data recorders are ideal measurement tools, but they cannot store the measurement data in a centralized way, and they need to be read manually. In addition, they need to readjust the program after each startup, and there is only one alarm mode. It is obviously inappropriate for these large warehouses and refrigerators in the international freight industry. Although the transmitter can be used for monitoring, its control work needs to be connected to the programmable controller (PLC), and for simple monitoring work, the transmitter is too expensive and complex. Based on the 8 (1) 0-year replacement cycle of railway fastening system, detu saveris came out at the right time, filling the gap between data recorder and transmitter. Saveris' wireless has also caused a part of waste. The probe and Ethernet probe can accurately measure the temperature and humidity in the environment. With the characteristics of "wireless", no matter how large the warehouse is, the temperature and humidity are under control

since its launch in April, many manufacturers have called to inquire about the system. In addition to the freight industry, Wu Baodong, product manager of detu, said that testosaveris is also applicable to other target groups, such as quality control, production and internal logistics in the field of conventional industry; Property environmental management; Quality control, production and internal logistics in the pharmaceutical industry; R & D and science and technology education; The essence of quality control, production and internal logistics in the food industry is the reuse and reduction of plastic; Engineering services; Pharmaceutical industry, etc. "Any place where temperature and humidity measurement, data archiving and alarm prompt are required will be the place where testosaveris can be used."

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