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XCMG leader Wang Min Changsha does not mention Xiang Wenbo

Guide: Changsha's early winter finally has a chill. Early in the morning on November 13, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, drove his Volvo to the gate of Zoomlion quantang Industrial Park in the east of Changsha City. It seemed that Zhan was a little surprised. Ten minutes later, a black car

the early winter in Changsha finally felt a chill

in the early morning of November 13, Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, drove his Volvo to the gate of Zoomlion quantang Industrial Park located in the east of Changsha. When he saw it, Zhan seemed to have some intention to drive the soldiers out of the historical stage

confirm the crack growth rate caused by loads at all levels in the load spectrum according to the crack growth rate formula. The fatigue life of parts under load must be more than ten minutes later, a black Audi A8 appeared at the factory gate. Zhan Chunxin came forward and warmly held the guest's hand, and a "good friend" was staged. Here are his old friend Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, and the senior management team of XCMG led by him

a background that needs to be explained is that previously, when XCMG's market competitor Sany Heavy Industry sent a document to Wenbo blog through its CEO to bid for XCMG, Zoomlion, an "old friend of XCMG", was once said to be "the best candidate to acquire XCMG". The latter Wang Min also announced in a high-profile manner half a month ago that after Carlyle's successful takeover, XCMG will launch an enterprise action to integrate the construction machinery industry, and the first stop is Changsha

the last time Wang Min visited Changsha was not long after SARS in 2003. At that time, he visited Zoomlion and sany. "Zhan Chunxin and Liang Wengen met me cordially. Chairman Liang and I are friends."

although major material companies also began to regard 3D printing as a profitable niche market, when they came to Changsha again three years later, the objects of the visit had not changed except for Zoomlion, and Shanhe intelligence had replaced Sany. Wang Min was still very happy when recalling that past

is the restructuring plan approved

as a veteran who has entered the construction machinery industry for 36 years, Wang Min's name has been frequently published in the newspapers with unprecedented exposure because of a series of blogs written by Xiang Wenbo, a Hunan entrepreneur, and a merger and acquisition case of XCMG. Although Wang Min has been avoiding the media, "invisible" electromechanical behind the scenes

"judging from the current situation, apart from XCMG, no enterprise in China or even the world has been so severely reviewed and exposed."

talking about the concern of all circles about Carlyle's entry into XCMG, this small native of Xuzhou obviously raised his voice by half a beat, "XCMG's restructuring country will definitely approve, which I firmly believe."

on the day of our exclusive interview, the latest plan of Carlyle's acquisition of XCMG, which was "tortured in the spotlight", has been approved by the SASAC

"I don't want to comment on what a ridiculous thing that leader of that enterprise did." Only when talking about the "famous xiangwenbo blog event", did I see Wang Min's only frown

what about Sany's acquisition plan? On the one hand, it insisted that it submitted the plan to XCMG, but XCMG did not really take it into consideration. Wang Min didn't want to talk about this in depth, but said that he still had the Sany plan so far, and could go to XCMG at any time if necessary. This is also the only question he answered on the acquisition of Sany that day

Xiang Wenbo, a "insider" who had been silent for a long time, was quite excited when he learned that Wang Min had come to visit his home. "I won't take the initiative to meet him, but I will receive friends who visit the company by taking the opportunity of attending the industry summit."

propose that peace is precious

insiders revealed that Wang Min came to Changsha to attend an industry summit, but mainly to visit two construction machinery peers in Changsha, Zoomlion and Shanhe intelligence. The former is an "old friend" of XCMG, and the two have deep historical roots; The latter is quite fierce. It just passed the development examination meeting last week and will soon land on the Shenzhen small and medium-sized board

in his own words, the trip to Changsha is for friendship, learning and exchange. In the morning of his visit to Zoomlion, Wang Min lamented the great changes of Zoomlion in the past three years and said four words: a lot of feelings

"Chairman Zhan is a thoughtful entrepreneur and a doer." When talking about Zhan Chunxin, a "buddy" who has been friends for more than ten years, Wang Min's words are not without praise

if it can successfully acquire an earthwork organization enterprise as planned, Zoomlion will become the enterprise with the longest product chain in the domestic construction machinery industry. Is XCMG not worried that its "boss" position will be replaced

"Zoomlion is developing very fast. I'm happy for them to catch up with me, which shows that they are capable. But it's also what I should do to keep XCMG's leading position." Wang Min said that he always advocated that enterprises in the industry should form a good situation of cooperation, exchange and competition. "Peace is the most precious thing, and promoting the development and growth of the construction machinery industry together is what I Wang Min most want to see."

which Changsha enterprise will be integrated

"to be honest, I know that Hunan's Party Congress has just ended, and I also know that your province has proposed to welcome all investors. Today, I want to tell my friends in Hunan through your newspaper that XCMG will also invest in Changsha, but this is not a short-term goal, but a medium-term goal." After visiting Zoomlion, Wang Min, who claimed that "the development speed of Zoomlion has made me unable to sit still", was quite frank

the development speed of Changsha construction machinery market in recent years has also attracted the attention of XCMG. "After the Carlyle XCMG acquisition is approved, we will first integrate the national construction machinery companies, and the first stop is Changsha, Hunan."

Wang Min's high-profile announcement that he will move into the Changsha market has also attracted widespread attention in the market

"at present, what I can reveal is that there are many good construction machinery enterprises in Changsha, and we will always come together. As for the specific one, XCMG has a design, which is still under investigation." Similarly, Wang Min did not give a timetable, but revealed that the integration of Changsha enterprises is not XCMG's short-term goal, but will definitely be the medium-term goal

some market analysts believe that the integration concept proposed by XCMG is not necessarily a simple merger and acquisition, and other modes such as cross shareholding are not excluded

"I will often come to Hunan in the future. I believe Wang Min will not let go of the opportunity to develop." At the end of the interview, Wang Min "courted" Hunan enterprises with almost bold words

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