The hottest XCMG invested US $200million in Brazil

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XCMG invested US $200million in Brazil, built a plant and purchased land of 1200 mu

XCMG invested US $200million in Brazil, built a plant and purchased land of 1200 mu

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Guide: XCMG's great efforts in internationalization strategy. The investment signing ceremony was held in bausso, MG state of Brazil on May 17, Brazil local time, The signing ceremony of XCMG's investment in Brazil's minaginas (mg) to develop an advanced electric furnace enterprise state-of-the-art factory project was grandly held in bausso, where XCMG's Brazilian industrial park is located. Brazilian president dilma's

On May 17, Brazil local time, the signing ceremony of XCMG group's investment in Brazil's minaginas (mg) state plant construction project was solemnly held in bauzo, where XCMG's Brazilian industrial park is located

more than 120 people attended the signing ceremony, including representatives of Brazilian president dilma, federal congressman Odia, mayor of bauzo, Mr. paluguni, mayor of Xuzhou, Zhang Jinghua, chairman of XCMG Wang Min, vice president of XCMG Wang Yansong, and representatives from all walks of life in China and Brazil

in his speech, Mr. paluguni, mayor of bauzo, gave high praise and ardent expectations to XCMG's investment in Brazil. He said that XCMG's investment in bauxo will become an opportunity for the city's economic rise. With XCMG measuring the temperature of the sample in the stock cylinder and recording the completion of the industrial park in Brazil, a more dynamic bauxo city that exudes the charm of the city and industry will be presented to the world

chairman Wang Min said in his speech that the Brazilian and American markets are the top priority of XCMG's international expansion. The rapid development of the Brazilian economy, the good foundation of XCMG's expansion in the Brazilian market, the high attention paid by bausso to XCMG's project and the joint efforts of both sides have led to this cooperation. XCMG Brazil plant will be based on "integrity and win-win" "For the purpose, with high-quality products and services, it will bring good economic and social benefits to the economy and development of bausso, minaginas and even the whole Brazil.

XCMG Brazil Industrial Park has a total investment of 200million US dollars and purchased 1200 mu of land. It is expected that the end of 2012 is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results. It will be completed and mass produced, and XCMG's full series will be designed and produced for users in Brazil and the Americas Construction machinery products

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