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XCMG (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. received a large number of ten million garbage trucks, 2017

XCMG (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. received a large number of ten million garbage trucks, 2017

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recently, XCMG (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. stood out from four competitors including Zoomlion Heavy Industries in the 12 months since Simon storer assumed the chief executive officer of the British polyurethane rigid foam Association in the environmental treatment project of Yixian livable village, Liaoning Province, with XCMG's brand influence and excellent product performance. It won orders for 48 carriage detachable garbage trucks, 287 garbage bins and 1 compression garbage truck, with a total value of nearly 15 million yuan, Achieve a good start in 2017

since its establishment, XCMG (Liaoning) has focused on market dynamics, rapidly changed its marketing thinking, firmly grasped the source market, and worked hard to achieve new breakthroughs in sales performance. In 2016, it achieved a sales revenue of 207 million yuan, and the sales revenue of snow removal equipment exceeded 100 million yuan; In terms of product research and development, we have successfully launched new categories of products, such as cs24 shovel brush all-in-one machine, njc32 snow shovels, njs32 agricultural machinery brushes, px40z self powered snow throwers and S40 high-speed roller brushes made of recycled particles made of GS, and obtained four product patents. In 2017, XCMG (Liaoning) will further expand its investment scale and build XCMG into a manufacturing base in the Northeast market, achieving more than double growth

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