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XCMG information's multiple "black technologies" detonated the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

XCMG information's multiple "black technologies" detonated the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

China Construction machinery information

construction machinery giants led the industrial 4.0 revolution. On December 7, it was co hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the people's Government of Jiangsu Province The world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, an international top-level event with the theme of "making manufacturing smarter", was grandly held in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties. As a pioneer of industry 4.0, Jiangsu XCMG Information Technology Co., Ltd., a key recommended enterprise in Jiangsu Province, was invited to participate in the conference, and showed a series of top technologies leading the development trend of the industry, such as the first industrial IOT big data platform, the new generation MES products and PI terminals, which won the strong attention of the guests

At the summit forum, chairman Wang Min made a wonderful speech on XCMG's intelligent manufacturing driven industrial transformation and upgrading

looking ahead, walking at the forefront of the industry

the wave of industry 4.0 has swept all over the world. As a "torrent" in the wave, intelligent manufacturing has undoubtedly become a major trend in the development of global manufacturing industry, and the fair use of concrete pressure testing machines. Last year, China officially issued the "made in China 2025" national strategy, seizing the commanding height of a new round of revolution. For manufacturing enterprises, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent transformation have also become the key to success in the future

chairman Wang Min made a wonderful speech

in this regard, chairman Wang Min of XCMG group was keenly aware of this trend as early as 2013, and told Zhang Qiliang, then Minister of information management department, to study it and establish a professional information company when he was on a business trip in Beijing. This decision was inspired by Wang Min when he reported to minister Miao of the Ministry of industry and information technology. It was the foresight and insight of chairman Wang Min and the decisive decision of strategizing that established XCMG information company

XCMG information is now at the forefront of the industry with full speed intelligent manufacturing. At the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference, a series of "black technologies" exhibited by XCMG information attracted strong attention and gave the highest interpretation of the upcoming industrial 4.0 era

intelligent manufacturing, building future factories

as the main direction of the integration of industrialization and informatization, intelligent manufacturing can be described as one of the important directions for the future development of the world's manufacturing industry. Zhangqiliang, general manager of XCMG information, said, "we can no longer follow the old path of incremental innovation, but must follow the new path of disruptive innovation. Only through technological innovation can we achieve exponential enterprise growth, and then we can go ahead of others in the field of intelligent manufacturing."

XCMG Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

XCMG information positioning development goals, integrated modern technology, based on modern sensing technology, network technology, automation technology, artificial intelligence technology and other advanced technologies, through intelligent perception, human-computer interaction, decision-making and execution technology, realize the intellectualization of design process, manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment, It is the deep integration and integration of information technology, intelligent technology and equipment manufacturing technology

XCMG Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition

in XCMG intelligent manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders, two unique intelligent production lines, CNC machine tools, robots and AGV trolleys, realize the dialogue between people and machines and between equipment and equipment through industrial interconnection technology. Realize data sharing and information interaction, solve the "information island" and realize intelligent production. The terminal is the brain of the factory. Workers can issue production instructions through simple touch control on the terminal. At this time, machine tools and robots can recognize instructions and produce intelligently

on site of the world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

in fact, through intelligent manufacturing, XCMG has greatly improved its production efficiency and excellent impact resistance; Pen can be used at 160 ℃ for a long time. At the beginning of the construction of the base, the intelligent manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders was located in the industry model factory, and intelligent plans were formulated from the aspects of production control, material distribution, quality inspection and so on. Originally, 1500 people can only produce 17000 products a year. In smart factories, the same staff can produce 46000 products a year. Not only the production capacity has been improved, but also the application of a large number of intelligent equipment, especially the application of welding robots and painting robots, has greatly improved the product quality and can remain stable for a long time

IOT, which runs through the whole life cycle of products

IOT system is a big data platform based on the collection, transmission, storage, analysis and application of globally distributed information terminals. XCMG information's first industrial IOT big data platform at the exhibition area is another appearance after the Shanghai BMW exhibition in November this year

the first demonstration of the big data platform of the industrial IOT

Zhang Qiliang, general manager of XCMG information, said in an interview: "XCMG information IOT industrial big data platform is the first industrial big data platform in the industry. After successfully solving the functions of real-time positioning, trajectory playback and remote control, this platform can continuously collect and expand the basic information of equipment, improve the intelligent level of design and development, asset safety, marketing, product intelligence, etc., and increasingly reflect the characteristics of two-way integration and penetration of interconnection and manufacturing."

Zhang Qiliang, general manager of XCMG information, was interviewed by the media

based on its strong innovation ability, XCMG information company independently developed and designed a new generation of IOT intelligent information terminal with multi-channel bus interface and no waste plastic particle processing, which will become a hot line fault diagnosis interface in the future, accurate positioning, high protection level, ultra-low power consumption and other characteristics. It has been successfully applied to national defense machinery, engineering machinery Agricultural machinery, sanitation machinery and other fields. Recently, at the scene of the national highway transportation military civilian joint emergency rescue drill, the armed police transportation force equipment command and control platform independently developed by XCMG information played an important role in this drill and showed great value. Unified command ability, rapid response ability, overall coordination ability and equipment safety management and control have been well explained on this platform

on the site of the exhibition area, the integrated 3D model of system operation and VR experience area were crowded, and the award-winning interactive activities attracted many customers

XCMG information exhibition area attracts many visitors

with the service concept of "continuously meeting customer needs", XCMG information integrates various resources and channels, through accurate product positioning, advanced information technology, strict quality control, steady upgrading, methodical and perfect research and development, drives manufacturing process reengineering, drives enterprise innovation and development, and helps enterprises achieve decision support, Lead enterprises to truly move towards intelligent manufacturing

cloud platform realizes global open sharing

on November 22, at Bauma China 2016 International Construction Machinery Expo held in Shanghai, XCMG group joined hands with Huawei, Alibaba, Chinatelecom and other interconnection and communication giants to jointly launch the "XCMG industrial cloud" platform and create a new industrial economic development model of "interconnection + cloud technology + manufacturing", This marks XCMG's active integration into the era of "made in China 2025" and "industry 4.0" and a more solid step towards building China's first industrial cloud platform

Yang Yong, deputy general manager of XCMG group, introduced that the newly created "XCMG industrial cloud" platform will apply subversive thinking and use the new generation of information technology to output XCMG's digital industrial capacity, build an open, shared and win-win global cloud platform, and strive to become the "predix" in China's industrial field when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology. This platform mode will bring new innovation and reform impetus to the global construction machinery industry

the "XCMG Cup" green innovation design competition launched in April this year is a new attempt and breakthrough in this "Internet + cloud technology + manufacturing" reform action. At the same time, the "small low-noise and high-efficiency fan" project launched by XCMG is also the first step of wisdom and mass creation on XCMG cloud. On the platform, global participants can be real-time, interconnected, and truly realize the global open sharing based on the "cloud platform", making the world a huge "laboratory", attracting many groups, especially young people, to settle in China's equipment manufacturing, so that more makers and outstanding young talents from around the world can make great efforts on this world-class cloud platform to realize their creative dreams

centering on the action gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" first proposed by Chairman Wang Min in the industry, XCMG group adheres to the product and technology innovation development strategy of "three high and one large" (high reliability, high added value, high-tech content and large-scale), and is constantly accelerating the introduction of intelligent, energy-saving and high-end products, creating integrated information solutions with the concept of "interconnection +", various core application platforms Information technology runs through the whole value chain of enterprise research, production, supply, marketing and service products to realize the full life cycle management of products

chairman Wang Min accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV, CNR, Jiangsu Satellite TV and other media

chairman Wang Min said that the development goal of XCMG group in the "13th five year plan" is to enter the top five in the construction machinery industry, with international revenue accounting for 50%. XCMG will actively comply with the development trend of "interconnection +", focus on the development goals of XCMG's "13th five year plan", XCMG manufacturing 2025 and XCMG interconnection + action plan, take "internationalization, lean, short board and sustainability" as the business philosophy, focus on the two strategic priorities of technological innovation and internationalization, adhere to reform and innovation and market demand orientation, promote transformation and upgrading, and promote the reform of mechanism and management process, Release the development potential and vitality, promote the reform and development of "industrial diversification, intelligent products, and manufacturing services", and strive to achieve the goal of "reaching the summit of Mount Everest" in the global industry

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