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XCMG worked overtime in the Spring Festival and rolled up its sleeves to cheer for high-quality economic development and build an internationally competitive advanced manufacturing base, which is the goal and pursuit of Jiangsu in the new era. During the Spring Festival, the front-line workers and technicians of XCMG actively gave up rest and worked overtime

when people are still enjoying the long Spring Festival holiday, tens of thousands of employees of XCMG have taken the initiative to work and start production. When the author entered XCMG heavy machinery company, Meng Weizheng, a national technical expert, was working with the workers on the production front line

XCMG is busy working overtime in the Spring Festival

Meng Wei, a national technical expert of XCMG heavy machinery company: "from 2016 to now, our orders have increased by 4 or 5 times, and we have been working overtime."

Meng Wei told the author that when he entered the factory in 2000, there was only one NC machine tool in the whole workshop, and the NC rate has increased sharply to 8 or 90% in the past two years. The numerical control operation method he invented is to help the production line change the product model from the original two and a half hours to the current one and a half minutes, which greatly improves the production efficiency

Meng Wei: "at the low point of a few years ago, workers only got 1000 yuan a month. Now they get 7000 yuan a month, and some are tens of thousands of yuan. Everyone practices their internal skills hard, hoping that the enterprise will be better."

last year, XCMG's sales returned to a historical peak, with profits increased by 350% over the same period last year, and self operated exports increased by 88.7%. This year's orders have been arranged to June with the spread of the epidemic. In the crane delivery yard, the author met the Northeast customer who came to pick up the goods and the Engineer huxiaodong who came to understand the customer's needs

XCMG customer: "their cars are in short supply. It took three months to tell me that they could pick up the goods."

huxiaodong, engineer of XCMG heavy machinery company: "the cost of our own development is only 50% of the imported key parts, and our core competitiveness has been greatly improved. It has been very popular since it was introduced to the market, and it is also popular abroad. At present, it has entered the European and American high-end market. In the new year, I think there is still a new breakthrough for all terrain cranes and cross-country cranes."

the g-generation crane Hu Xiaodong pointed out to us has overcome 15 key technologies, including intelligent boom, of which 6 are the first, and have become popular at home and abroad. Relevant data show that before 2012, the import cost of key parts and components in China's construction machinery industry accounted for 40% of the manufacturing cost, and 70% of the profits were obtained by foreign companies. At that time, the market value of XCMG's core parts of cranes with a capacity of more than 50 tons was $2.3 billion in 2013, and all parts were imported. Now, XCMG's cranes with a capacity of less than 150 tons have achieved 100% localization

Luchuan, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

president of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd Lu Chuan, deputy secretary of the Party committee, said, "we are more and more confident. On the basis of the high-speed growth in 2017 and in accordance with the important instructions made by the general secretary during his inspection of XCMG, we should be driven by innovation and develop with high quality. Our high-end products should continue to emerge, we should solve the problem of hollowing out construction machinery and realize the dream of a world-class enterprise."

Jiangsu Tailuo Congyi: "to visit the Zhenjiang factory of Sandvik materials technology on site, to maintain the real economy and build a modern industrial system, we must work hard on innovation guidance and independent development. Adhering to innovation has made XCMG taste the fragrance of today's success and laid a good foundation for high-quality development in the future."

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