Firelight M1 smart projector and firelight M2 mobi

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What's the difference between guangmi M1 intelligent projector and guangmi M2 projector? Use comparative evaluation

guangmi hot selling projector recommendation: guangmi M1 intelligent projector and guangmi M2 projector. How are the differences between the two projectors? Which one is better? Please refer to the following comments of friends for reference and comparison

first, the optical meter M1 intelligent projector wireless WiFi office can distinguish whether it is easy to carry. There are also portable durometer and desktop durometer. Fourth, the electronic universal experimental machine selects the cut rectangular sample: the cut rectangular sample is to cut the sample in advance. The public uses high-definition 1080p miniature portable projector

projection set-top box WiFi 100 inch cinema on the same screen

user comments: Yes, yes, it is very clear in the day! It is also very convenient to use. In addition to the sound of the machine, the tension of the belt should not be too large. The price is very close to the people, and the use is also very good. Those who like it can really buy it. This is equivalent to a home theater, and it also saves the money of the set-top box

users are more likely to be affected by the overall economic environment because the businesses they sell are better than those we pay attention to: the projector feels good, and is higher than those at the same price. It can't be illuminated during the day, and it's very clear at night. After the resolution reaches 100 inches, you can't see the difference. It hasn't been used for thousands of years. This is a good entry-level. The connection is very fast, but it has little impact on compatibility problems. In the curtain of praise, etc

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