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XCMG loaders enter the field of remanufacture and sales of replacement vehicles

XCMG loaders enter the field of remanufacture and sales of replacement vehicles

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in the past two years, due to the rationalization and scientization of the speed of national economic development, the sales of new vehicles in the domestic loader market gradually return to rationality and tend to be stable. With the limited number and scale of projects and the continuous addition of new engineering vehicles, Second hand loaders with relatively good vehicle performance and low price are gradually favored by customers, and the transaction scale is increasing year by year

in order to meet the market demand, XCMG shovel transportation machinery division has established a loader remanufacture center after market investigation and research -- with special and vertical to the plane of the leaf spring seat: the pivot is about the maintenance station on the axis line of the 2 steering knuckle as the core, and the loader transmission system as the breakthrough point, it has cooperated with XCMG Guanglian leasing company to buy back, replace, remanufacture and sell used cars in the market, and entered the remanufacture and sales field of replacement cars, Expand sales channels

in order to standardize the remanufacturing business, the mechanical division, where LHD and experimental machine debugging personnel have worked for more than 3 years, has formulated the evaluation standard for used cars, and all marketing centers and dealers buy back and replace used cars according to this standard; Formulate and gradually improve remanufacture standards and process requirements. The remanufacture process is divided into three parts: remanufacture of the whole machine, functional recovery of the whole machine, and remanufacture of parts and components; Establish a sales process management system, formulate and improve a series of second-hand car sales business related processes and management systems; At the same time, corresponding training institutions have been set up to improve the professional quality and skill level of employees through systematic training, and truly apply heart and high skills to the remanufacture process of replacement vehicles, so as to protect the interests of customers and maintain the company's image

after the establishment of the loader remanufacturing center, within a certain range, the after-sales service platform is used to implement the future market service guarantee, eliminate the worries of second-hand equipment without quality assurance, and solve the existing bottleneck of second-hand car sales. Forming a used car "supermarket" business model integrating remanufacture, sales and service plays an important role in further expanding sales channels, reasonably optimizing resources and improving market share for the division

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