Fisher is the president and CEO of gaobao North Am

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Fisher served as president and CEO of gaobao North America company

gaobao North America company has load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load ⑵ point extension diagram in the United States. On September 11 local time, mark Fisher was officially appointed as the new president and CEO of the company, and the latter will officially take office on October 1, 2009. Measurement and quality inspection; Rubber plastic; Metallurgical steel; Machinery manufacturing; Electronic appliances; Automobile production; Textile chemical fiber; Wires and cables; Packaging materials and food; Instruments and Apparatuses; medical apparatus and instruments; Civil nuclear energy; Civil aviation; Colleges and universities; Institute of scientific research and experiment; Commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments; Building materials ceramics; Petrochemical industry; Engel said that the network is similar to the Fraunhofer Association in Germany. Fisher said, "I am honored to be able to enter a new growth in gaobao North America...

I can measure the impact force and impact speed

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