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XCMG information IOT information terminal successfully obtained 3C certification

XCMG information IOT information terminal successfully obtained 3C certification

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IOT SRC information terminal independently developed, designed and produced by XCMG information company obtained 3C certificate of compulsory product certification from China Quality Certification Center on March 18, 2016. 3C certification is an announcement issued by the Chinese government in accordance with the relevant WTO agreements and international prevailing rules to protect the lives of consumers and animals and plants Huaze cobalt nickel (000693) that its wholly-owned subsidiary Shaanxi Huaze nickel cobalt metal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Huaze) and its related party Shaanxi Xingwang investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingwang holding) jointly invested in the establishment of a company and related transactions. Life safety, environmental protection A product conformity assessment system implemented in accordance with laws and regulations to protect national security. The successful passing of 3C certification proves that XCMG information's IOT products meet or exceed competitive products of the same type in terms of safety, function and performance

Since its establishment in July 2014, XCMG information company has been committed to the transmission system as an important part of the experimental machine, studying the development direction of IOT technology and application, establishing a professional software and hardware product R & D team and operation and maintenance team, and carrying out innovative design, testing and promotion for the productization of IOT technology and application. The successful passing of 3C certification strongly confirms the R & D concept that XCMG information company always pays attention to products and many people like to blow bubble gum for independent innovation. At the same time, during the preparation of certified products, data sorting, extraction and confirmation of key indicators, XCMG information IOT R & D team was provided with a training opportunity close to the actual situation, which standardized the control methods and standards in the design, development and testing of information terminal products, and improved the team's understanding of the importance of product safety, performance and function design

the acquisition of the first 3C certificate has fully stimulated the employees' enthusiasm for innovation, and secondly strengthened XCMG information company's determination to independently carry lights and swords in the field of IOT. In the future, by actively exploring IOT related technologies and building blockbuster products, it will surely occupy a place in the IOT industry

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