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Sunchangxun, CEO of Ronglian: "paas+saas" mode innovation China enterprise communications

at this year's Beijing Communication Exhibition, enterprise level information technology business has become a hot spot. Both telecom operators and solution providers have demonstrated ICT business for finance, retail, education and other industries. Among them, the enterprise communication market is an important branch. In the coming cloud era, the enterprise communication market is showing great opportunities

however, facing a large number of industry customers with different needs, the industry needs to be able to greatly reduce the threshold of enterprise communication, change the connection mode and delivery mode of communication with cloud computing, and evolve from traditional and SMS to more interconnected instant messaging cloud IM and video chat

it is understood that a company called Ronglian provides convenient, efficient and cost-effective communication services such as call, conference, call center, SMS and mobile IM for enterprises and developers in the form of API and SDK by integrating the network resources and communication resources of operators

at present, the model of Ronglian has made great achievements, becoming the second largest enterprise communication cloud service provider in the world and the largest in China. Relying on the Internet, Ronglian is providing enterprise customers with communication platform services (PAAS) and communication software services (SaaS) in the way of cloud computing, helping enterprises improve the communication efficiency with customers

on the development trend of enterprise communication in the cloud era and the layout of Ronglian, during the Beijing Communication Exhibition, the whole media of communication world interviewed sun Changxun, the founder and CEO of Ronglian

the enterprise communication market presents three major trends

Communication World: enterprises see the great advantages brought by cloud computing, but they are worried about how to embrace the cloud and transform enterprise communication. How does Rong Lian view the demand characteristics of the current enterprise communication market and the challenges of enterprise communication deployment cloud

sun Changxun: at present, the demand of the enterprise communication market generally shows several major trends. First, the traditional communication mode is relatively single, which requires diversified communication modes, such as integrated communication, multi-channel contact center, etc., to bring the experience of communication upgrading, that is, the integration of communication. Second, get rid of inefficient communication far away from the scene, and seamlessly integrate communication into the business system to realize scenario based communication and upgrade communication efficiency, that is, the ability of communication. Third, the traditional communication mode is complex, expensive and difficult to upgrade. Providing services through cloud computing is cheaper, faster and simpler. Users can enjoy one-stop communication services, that is, cloud computing of communication

in general, enterprise customers, especially Internet enterprises, have higher and higher demands for convenient, efficient, low threshold and cost-effective communication services. The trend of interconnection, cloud computing, capability and integration in the communication field is becoming clearer, and more and more B2C and c2b2c enterprises' communication capabilities are migrating to the cloud. Communication services should become the basic capability of interconnection. Therefore, the communication services constructed by the integration of various communication methods (IM, voice, video, conference, call center, etc.) will bring broader connections to enterprise IT systems and interconnected apps

at this stage, the challenges of cloud deployment in enterprise communications mainly include several aspects. First of all, we should strengthen the market's awareness of the deployment of communication services in the cloud, change customers' habits, and reduce security concerns. Jump out of the original mode of pulling resources, purchasing communication equipment, and then matching software to build a set of privatization platform for enterprises. Secondly, communication is an area with a certain threshold of technology and resources. It involves audio and video. What are its use skills and protection and maintenance? Now let's introduce the use skills of bellows ring stiffness testing machine and the code of protection and maintenance frequency, which involves basic communication resources. China's basic network is built on a provincial basis. First, there is a certain technical threshold, and then there is a certain platform construction threshold. Based on interconnection, resources can be better integrated and provided to customers

paas+saas mode is more suitable for the Chinese environment

Communication World: the high integration of communication capabilities and communication products is the future trend. How do you view this view? How does Ronglian practice? In the era of sharing economy, how can Ronglian help enterprises build a communication cloud sharing platform

sun Changxun: as a development platform, PAAS is more closely integrated with applications, so the paas+saas model is more suitable for China's environment. PAAS covers all links in the software life cycle. The application provided by PAAS is in the form of SaaS. The integration of PAAS and SaaS will become the mainstream mode of PAAS. In the communication industry, PAAS manufacturers have built a full communication service mode of communication capability platform + communication products, which has fully realized the horizontal development of the Internet communication value chain. Countries all over the world are actively promoting the extension of relevant research and development

Ronglian is rapidly laying out the SaaS cloud customer service market. Paas+saas is a virtuous circle. SaaS is an embodiment of the high degree of productization of PAAS platform resources and technology, which can enrich platform and product functions in both directions and meet the needs of enterprises of different types and scenarios

in the era of sharing economy, aiming at the communication needs of enterprises, on the one hand, Rong Lian provides access to communication capabilities with the help of cloud, which greatly reduces the technical threshold for enterprises to use communication capabilities; On the other hand, it also improves the utilization of basic communication network resources and meets the communication needs of many start-ups

the goal of Ronglian is to enable enterprise customers to adopt materials and systems that meet the current national fire protection technical standards with low threshold and low cost, and formulate the design of external insulation system to avoid cracking and falling of insulation materials, and the key technical points of construction quality control, so as to realize the customized development of communication capability quickly and stably; Now it seems that by relying on the Internet, Ronglian has effectively bridged and bonded a large number of communication resources and enterprise needs in the way of API and productization, realizing the integration of resources and scenarios. This is also the capability, integration and cloud computing of communication services that Ronglian has been pursuing. It is a beneficial exploration of sharing economy in the field of enterprise communication services

Ronglian will help operators develop the small and medium-sized enterprise market

Communication World: the enterprise communication market includes many players such as telecom operators. What is the idea of Ronglian's cooperation with all parties

sun Changxun: Ronglian is a cooperative relationship with operators. Ronglian has a very short zeroing time, mostly providing communication services for interconnected enterprises. The vast majority of enterprise customers served by Ronglian are small and medium-sized enterprises. If the sales managers of operators go to small and medium-sized enterprises one by one, it is unrealistic to respond 24 hours a day and have someone on duty at any time according to the service requirements of these small and medium-sized enterprises. Rong Lian serves small and medium-sized enterprises, which is complementary to operators serving large enterprises, and is also conducive to improving the utilization of basic communications

operators have built a good network and have good basic telecommunication service resources. Ronglian brings these closer to customer needs and acts as a bridge. Operators are encouraged. Ronglian can help operators better meet the situational needs of enterprises and integrate them with the needs of enterprises

in addition, Ronglian is also actively exploring and trying to carry out a variety of business cooperation with traditional communication manufacturers to jointly promote the development and upgrading of the communication industry in the era of cloud computing

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