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Summary of the top ten hot events of new energy vehicles in the first half of the year

in the twinkling of an eye, 2017 has "passed the middle of the year". The new energy vehicle industry has gone through the first half of the year with full energy and stumbling, with achievements and anxiety. In the context of the decline in the promotion of subsidies, many major events in the first half of the year have touched the sensitive nerves of the industry, such as the review of the catalogue of new energy vehicles, such as the establishment of a joint venture by JAC Volkswagen... Any major event will focus on the industry and cause heated discussion. Behind the heated discussion, in addition to being an onlooker, we need to think coldly about hot events. Looking back on the first half of the year, what major events in the new energy vehicle industry came like a storm? Just sort out the top ten hot events for everyone. Then the question comes. I have a story. Do you have melons

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no.1 review of the promotion catalogue of the first five batches of new energy vehicles in 2016

no.2 where is Jia Yueting's LETV car dream going

no.3 crab island new energy bus caught fire, power battery safety became the focus

no.4 BYD gave up vertical ecological split power battery module

no.5 Ningde era joined hands with SAIC to create a new model of zero integration relationship

no.6 intensive issuance of new energy vehicle license plates triggered industry speculation

No.7 Jianghuai Volkswagen marriage Chinese and German prime ministers matchmaking

no.8 the new version of the double integral policy exposure draft triggered panic among car companies

no.9 Tesla built a plant in China "Twists and turns"

No.10 new energy vehicles are blooming everywhere

No.1 the promotion catalogue of the first five batches of new energy vehicles in 2016 was re examined

on January 8, 2017, the officer of the China machinery vehicle Technical Service Center issued the "notice on adjusting the application of the catalogue of recommended models for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles" (hereinafter referred to as "the catalogue"), which proposed that the catalogue of the first to fifth batches issued in 2016 should be re approved. The reason for the review of the catalogue is the adjustment made according to the new subsidy policy for new energy vehicles at the end of 2016, because the new subsidy policy has raised the technical threshold and raised the subsidy threshold from the aspects of vehicle energy consumption, driving range, battery energy density, safety requirements and so on

a stone stirs up thousands of waves. The review of the catalogue of new energy vehicles will first eliminate the shear modulus G that can automatically calculate the material and specify the non proportional change stress τ p. Yield point, upper yield point τ Su, lower yield point τ SL, torsional strength τ B and other performance parameters dropped a number of car companies that did not meet the requirements in terms of battery technical standards, which caught many power battery companies by surprise; For auto companies, the re audit will lead to the delay of new energy subsidies at the beginning of the year, which will affect the sales of new energy vehicles in the first quarter; Due to the subsidies and the adjustment of the new energy catalogue, the situation of car companies and dealers is very embarrassing. For consumers, there is a situation that they want to buy new energy vehicles but cannot buy them

with the re examination work in full swing, on January 22, the first batch of new energy vehicle promotion catalogue in 2017 was officially released, and six batches were successively released at the rate of one batch per month. So far, the six batches of new energy vehicle promotion catalogue include a total of 1983 models from 194 enterprises

The review of the catalogue has a negative impact on the sales of new energy vehicles in the short term, but in the long run, its role of survival of the fittest will be more obvious, which is conducive to the healthy development of the new energy vehicle industry. From the newly released catalogue, the power, economy, safety and comfort of the mainstream models of pure electric vehicles have been greatly improved, which is also the product progress reflected in the catalogue

no.2 where is Jia Yueting's LETV car dream going

2016 is a year of passion for LETV, but in 2017, the negative aspects of LETV have never been broken. It may not be too much to describe the relationship between LETV and the media with "success and failure". Until now, LETV still occupies the front page headlines of major auto media. For the gains and losses of LETV, you have your own experience. We will no longer make too much judgment, Just a brief review of LETV's road of making cars in the first half of the year:

at the beginning of 2017, the emerging American electric vehicle brand Faraday invested by LETV and Jia Yueting will release its first mass-produced car on CES 2017 in the future

according to Reuters, an insider revealed that LETV tried to sell its 49 acres (about 300 acres) of land in Silicon Valley in the United States in March in order to survive the financial crisis safely

on March 20, Ding Lei, co-founder of LETV supercar and CEO of China, left LETV and was confirmed by Ding Lei himself. After Ding Lei left, happy TV announced that Zhang Hailiang, President and COO of LETV supercar (China), was appointed as the Global CEO of LETV supercar, and Niu Shengfu was appointed as the chief technology officer of LETV supercar China

on April 17, Zhou hang, the founder of easy reach, issued a statement saying that LETV misappropriated 1.3 billion yuan of easy reach. In response to Zhou Hang's statement, easy reach and LETV holdings jointly issued a statement overnight, saying that "Zhou hang maliciously slandered"

on April 28, according to the public resources trading center station in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, on April 26, LETV obtained about 679 mu of land in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, with a total transaction price of about 140million yuan. According to the announcement, LETV eco automobile (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. bought the land

on May 8, the media revealed that Zhang Hailiang, who had just been promoted to the Global CEO of Lesee for less than two months, had resigned from Lesee at the end of April

in the afternoon of May 21, LETV announced that Jia Yueting applied to resign as general manager and become a full-time Chairman...

there are too many and mostly negative things about LETV cars. At present, LETV has changed its surname to sun. As for where Jia Yueting's dream of building a car will go, let's wait and see

No.3 crab island new energy bus fire power battery safety became the focus

on May 1, a Beijing crab island resort bus fire quickly burned through the car circle. It is understood that about 80 vehicles on fire were new energy electric buses with the words "Tianma Tongchi TMTC" written on the scene. According to the on-site photos, all the buses were produced from Ankai bus. Witnesses said that the scene from time to time issued an explosion, accompanied by a large amount of smoke, but fortunately there were no casualties at the scene

a fire has led our attention to more sensitive issues: the safety of electric vehicles and the deception of new energy vehicles. Although the ultimate cause was identified as the fire caused by the burning of catkins, many people questioned the safety of these electric vehicles. As we all know, when considering new energy vehicles, consumers will focus on their safety issues, especially battery safety, in addition to the mileage

Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. responded to the query about the battery, and it was finally confirmed that a total of 89 Ankai pure electric buses were on fire at the scene of the fire. The current situation shows that Ankai electric vehicle had no charge and discharge records when the fire broke out and was not in operation. Therefore, it can be determined that it was not the problem of the vehicle product itself

in the new energy vehicle subsidy policy reissued at the end of last year, stricter requirements were put forward for the technical standards of power batteries, and the review of the new energy vehicle promotion catalogue also stimulated the power battery industry to develop in a more efficient, safer and lower cost direction

on June 6, 2017, the National Standards Commission issued an announcement on Approving the issuance of No. 1 amendment to gb/t 31467.3-2015 lithium ion power battery packs and systems for electric vehicles, Part 3: Safety requirements and test methods. In the announcement, there were major changes in the inspection standards of lithium ion power batteries for electric vehicles involving safety requirements and test methods

this fire not only triggered thinking about the safety of power batteries, but also caused various conjectures of "cheating" on the new energy vehicles on a large scale

no.4 BYD gave up the vertical ecological split of power battery module

at the end of March, an insider revealed that in addition to retaining the four major processes of the whole vehicle, BYD's auto segment business will be completely split up for market-oriented operation. In May, BYD announced that it would supply power battery modules with independent core technologies to the new energy vehicle market. This move means that other car companies will also have the possibility of installing BYD batteries

it is understood that BYD's current power battery capacity is 16gwh, and BYD's electric bus capacity is also rising. While meeting free models, the capacity is also further planned to expand. On the one hand, BYD also hopes to make good use of this part of capacity

with the intensification of competition in the new energy vehicle and power battery industry, BYD's vertical integration mode has become increasingly obvious. In the past, the power battery provided by BYD for itself, although its technology is at the domestic leading level, is still relatively closed. After the rise of Ningde era, its technical strength has been highlighted by foreign power battery giants, including Samsung SDI, LG Chemical, etc., and foreign giants have regarded catl as a global competitor. Opening the power battery business will help expand the customer base and increase the shipment of power batteries. On the other hand, it will also help promote the progress of BYD power battery technology

on June 6, Wang Chuanfu, chairman and President of BYD, revealed at the shareholders' meeting held at its headquarters in Shenzhen that the export of BYD's power batteries had been discussed with several major passenger car brands, and some of them had entered a substantive stage

it is understood that BYD is currently negotiating the cooperation of power batteries with passenger car brands such as GAC group, FAW Group and SAIC Group, as well as commercial vehicle brands such as Yutong, and the list of cooperation negotiations is further expanded. BYD is likely to sign a power battery cooperative enterprise in the second half of the year. As the power battery is the core component of electric vehicles, matching with downstream manufacturers requires a long development cycle, and mass production is expected to be one year later

No.5 Ningde times and SAIC create a new model of zero integer relationship

on May 4, the announcement of the simple business concentration case of the Anti Monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce showed that Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. ("SAIC Group") plans to establish two new joint ventures through its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Automotive Group Investment Management Co., Ltd. ("SAIC management") and Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ("Ningde times"), They are SAIC times Power Battery Co., Ltd. and SAIC times power battery system Co., Ltd

before that, the cooperative vehicle market represented by erx5 has performed well, and the joint venture between SAIC and Ningde times swear that the cooperation between the two sides has entered a new stage, which also indicates that the relationship between the main engine manufacturer and the power battery manufacturer is no longer a simple buy and sell relationship, but has gone deep into the field of cooperative development

analysts pointed out that the deep cooperation between heavyweight car manufacturers and battery manufacturers, connecting upstream and downstream, can give play to their respective advantages and minimize the costs of both sides, which represents a new trend of industrial development. "For SAIC Group, by jointly building a power cell plant with Ningde times, we can better lock in the scarce and popular power cell resources in the industry; for Ningde times, equity cooperation with SAIC Group can establish a more in-depth cooperative relationship with key customers." Liu Yanlong, Secretary General of China chemical and physical power industry association, commented

as BYD's strongest competitor, some people interpret the cooperation between the two sides as a measure taken by Ningde era to deal with the export of BYD's power batteries. At present, there is fierce competition in the field of domestic power batteries, of which BYD and Ningde era account for 50% of the market share

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